• Celeste Prater


Released January 13, 2021

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** Book 13 in the Fueled By Lust Series**

Someone has a big secret! What happens when he can no longer keep it to himself?

Haemon Cavelo’s dreams fill with the most exquisitely erotic encounters ever imagined. But after each instance, he’s left sad and disgusted for even imagining he could ever touch the elusive, sensuous female. No matter how much love grips his heart, he knows his past hesitancy ruined any chance to set his future.

Determined to rid her from his thoughts, Haemon plans to go Earthside, sling some drinks to the females, and pray a suitable mate pops up. Yet, another crisis faced by the empire diverts his goal, spills his secret, and places him on a direct path teasing hope of acquiring his craved family. Is time on his side, or all an illusion?

Book 13 in the FBL Series snatches you into the life of loveable, sinfully sexy, and powerful Insedi warriors as they scramble to find true love among chaos. Fasten your seatbelt!


Exclusive at publisher sell site

-other major retailers in a few weeks-


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