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INSEDIVERTUS – Home world of the alien race. Connected to earth via a planetary vortex with entry and exit points in Marfa, Texas.


INSEDI (IN-SAID-E) – Half human / Half pure energy alien race. Have symbiotic relationship with their planet (energy sharing). Unless mated, the core energy is unstable and must be replenished by the planet.


NUBIS (New-Bus) – The energy form of the Insedi. Also known as ‘mist’ or ‘misting’ to describe the alternate state.


TREJANI (Trey-John-E) - (role) - Prince. 


LEGATI (Lay-Got-E) - (role) - Royal Protector


AMICI (Ah-meek-e) - Latin for 'friend'


SENEX (role) - Insedi senate


POTENTIAL (role) – A human that has the potential energy compatibility with an Insedi. First step in mating cycle (identification)


CONPROBATUS – The Insedi mating necklace worn by an Insedi male. Consists of specific minerals that informs an Insedi, through heating, that a potential has compatible energy for mating. Shaped like a predator tooth.


CONCILIATIO – Occurs when an Insedi engages with a potential mate and touches a pulse point (neck or wrist) and the mating necklace reacts (heats). 


OCCASIO – A potential mate that has been found compatible by the Conprobatus necklace.


FORCE BOUND - State of energy after an Insedi kisses the Occasio. 2nd step in the mating cycle. Can only be broken through Fractus.


FRACTUS – Breaking of the bond (force bound state) between an Insedi and an Occasio. The Insedi male will remain in mist form for three days. Occurs when an Insedi determines they are not compatible with the Occasio for reasons other than molecular compatibility.


INSESSUS – Also known as the Final Mating. Last step in the mating cycle. The Insedi merges their energy with the Occasio during the sex act. Must be mutually acceptable.  


MELLIS – Term of endearment meaning, sweetness.


SEEKER agencies – Places of business that supply the Insedi with an energy similar to their home world, yet in the form of sensual, sexual desire.


URBIS - The largest city/metropolis housing the emperor and the senate.


MONTIS - The mountain range predominate on the horizon when stepping out of the vortex and onto Inservertus soil.


KRUTHKA - Large predatory beast hunted as sport on Insedivertus.


YUSHTA - Yellow trees of Insedivertus. Interacts with the inhabitants through touch.


TRANCIS - Large river winding alongside the city of Urbis.


LEMAROK - Small animal indigenous to Insedivertus. Resembles a ferret.


DRUSUS – Leader of the earthbound Insedi. Came to Earth five years ago to establish a way for the alien race to find their compatible mates. 


SEVERUS – Royal protector (Legati) and friend of Drusus. Works as a male stripper and male escort for the Heat Seeker agencies. 


CATO – The Insedi computer genius that is in charge of the otherworldly computers that assist the Insedi in locating females to invite into the lives of the Insedi so compatibility can be determined.  Also manages the dating service.


LUCIEN (Lu-shun) – Emperor of the Insedivertus Empire and father to Drusus. Sent his son and his protector to Earth to establish a method of acquiring mates without bringing attention to their alien race.


MAXIM – Seasoned Insedi warrior that works as a male stripper at Heat Seekers. He is the jokester of the group of warriors. Also, the Insedi pilot.


CAELIUS (Kay-Lee-Us) – Young Insedi warrior that works as a male stripper at Heat Seekers. He is desperate to find his mate. 


FEROX – An Insedi warrior that works as a bartender at Heat Seekers male revue club.


LABRAX - Cato's father.


Petrus, Ludo, Lexus, Nikos, and Chiron – Insedi warriors that work as male strippers and male escorts for the Seeker agencies.


BASILIUS (Bass-Uh-Lee-Us) – Antagonist. King of the planet Protonecis. He murdered all of the Insedi females in order to take control of the Insedivertus Empire. Also known as 'the mad king'.


ULIXES – Second-in-command to Basilius in Book 1. Later becomes friend to Insedivertus. Has no part in death of Insedi females.


BELLATOR - Cousin to Basilius. Exiled to planet of Messor.


MAKAR (May - ker) - Royal pilot.


BARUCH (Bah - rue - shh) - Royal co-pilot.


Note: The 'potentials' and mates are revealed throughout the series and will not be defined here.


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