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This is an interesting, fast paced book that I couldn’t put down, I read it in one sitting.I can’t wait to read the next in the series and am jumping right in as soon as I’m done with this review. 5 fangs.

Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock - Reviewer MindyG  - 5 Stars


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UPDATE: Full review now at RomFan Reviews: Click Here

Rom Fan Reviews - Reviewer Daria  - 5 Stars


OMG!!! Met the author in the elevator and heard about her book - downloaded it and absolutely COULD NOT stop reading it (at work no less). Decided I didn't want to get fired, so I MADE myself put it up til I could read it at home. Characters are sooo well written - wonderful plot/story lines and I love, love, love her characters - they are so 3 dimensional -- You go girl!!! Can't wait to read the rest. le from upstairs

My Earnest Reviews - Reader zleakin  - 5 Stars


Absolutely loved this book! Great loveable characters and a story line I haven't seen anywhere else. The way they meeting and how they survive is amazing. Has an evil villain that you almost start to feel sorry for and then he makes you want to choke him. Other characters are great additions and I want more of their stories. Fast paced, action packed, and hot hot hot!

Amazon US - Reader RomanceLover92  - 5 Stars


Smoking hot tantalizing erotic sex scenes left my head spinning like a Texas tornado, definitely going to read the next one...let the guilty pleasures continue!

GoodReads - Reader Lisa  - 5 Stars


I loved this book! It captured my imagination right from the beginning, finished in one sitting. I cannot wait for more of this series. Hopefully

GoodReads - Reader Jessica  - 5 Stars


This book was absolutely amazing! I can't wait for the 2nd one to come out!

GoodReads - Reader Lizstapleton  - 5 Stars


Great characters and story! Once I started, I couldn't put it down! Can't wait for the next one!

My Earnest Reviews - Reader Debbie Taylor  - 5 Stars


Loved the characters. The story kept me engaged until I had to finish. I was an addict until I got my fix. Hope to read more from this author. Great book! I believe this is a must read.

My Earnest Reviews - Reader 513298 - 5 Stars


I loved this book! From the first lines in chapter 1 and all the way to the end, the author pulled me into the book and kept me there. The sex scenes were off the chart and well written. Even if you pulled them completely out, there was a solid story and loveable characters.


I believed in Drusus and Lina's build up to total love at the end. The bad guy was awesome and you kept a love/hate relationship with him throughout. He was totally messed up. The secondary characters were a great addition and I'd love to know what happens  to them. Hope to see more from this author.

GoodReads - Reader D LovesBooks - 5 Stars


I have read my share of books. I have noticed that if the first 3 pages don't keep my interest.. then i will not continue reading. This book had me hooked from the first sentence! The story, the characters, the detail. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I have read this book twice already! I'm super excited for the sequel! It can only get better! <3 I'm officially a Lusthard!

GoodReads - Reader Booklover1592- 5 Stars


I really enjoyed reading this book and I found myself racing to find out what happened next!! I'm excited and can't wait for the next one to come out!

GoodReads - Reader Erica - 5 Stars


UPDATE: Full Review - Click Here

Long and Short Reviews - Reviewer Verbena - 4.5 Stars


Nice sci fi romance, no mucking around Drusus likes her and let's Aveline know right away. Looking forward to the rest of the series, hopefully Drusus's dad also finds someone to love again. Not rocket science but kinda loving and romantic.

Amazon UK (New Zealand) - Reader HellBaby -  4 Stars


...A sassy, sexy, hot read - perfect for those summer evenings.  Definitely recommended. 

For the Love of Books (Archaeolibrarian) - Reviewer Merissa - 4 Stars


GoodReads Librarian - Obsessed with Book Smex - 4 Stars


...If you’re in the mood for a quick, fun and sexy read with a dirty-talking prince who is completely infatuated with his mate you’re going to like this one. 

Red Hot Books - Reviewer Shelly - 4 Stars




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This is a really hot book and I loved how it jumped right in where book 1 left off. I also like a H.E.A. and the fact there is action and aliens, it’s not just plane jane romance. I will be reading the rest of the books in  this series A.S.A.P. 5 fangs

Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock - Reviewer MindyG  - 5 Stars


Both the flow of the story along with the personalities of the characters, worked very well together. The talent of the writer to bring together a bit of danger, mystery to solve... along with passion and some scenes that are shower worthy :) just makes for a amazing story to read. I cant wait to see what Ms Prater has in store next. So grab this book along with your favorite drink, sit back and take a trip with Serverus and Cassie. Enjoy!!

Rom Fan Reviews - Reviewer Daria  - 5 Stars


This second book in the series is even better than the first (Fueled by Lust: Drusus). It is available at I hope there will be many more stories in this series. Very anxious to read more!

My Earnest Reviews - Reader Jessica  - 5 Stars


"Ooh La la!!!! I adored this book and can't wait to read the next one. What a wonderful read!

My Earnest Reviews - Reader liz  - 5 Stars


If you thought the first book in the series was hot.. Wait until you read this one! This book has it all!! My lusthardness continues to grow!! I'm super excited for any future sequels!!! :-D

My Earnest Reviews - Reader Booklover1592  - 5 Stars


...There was enough tension and chemistry which was ample to keep me turning the pages wondering how these two stubborn people would finally relent.

Red Hot Books - Reviewer Shelly - 4 Stars


Book 1 was brilliant and I really enjoyed it.  Book 2 stepped up to the bar, ordered a double and raised it.  I can't wait for Cato's story 

For the Love of Books (Archaeolibrarian) - Reviewer Merissa - 4 Stars





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I love this series and had to read book 4 before I wrote this review , I couldn’t stop!! These aren’t plain Jane romances, there’s hot sex and adventure and H.E.A.  Definitely a must for adventure romance and alien fans. 5 fangs.

Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock - Reviewer MindyG  - 5 Stars


This wonderful story will make you laugh and some of the antics, it will make you fan your face in some of the hot scenes(the small BDSM Elements was a nice touch), it will tug at your heart strings with some of the love. It was more than a joy to read and Id recommend any of Ms Praters books to friends. Enjoy

Rom Fan Reviews - Reviewer Daria  - 5 Stars


Absolutely amazing book. The series has been great!! Keep them coming Celeste Prater!

GoodReads -  Reader Lizstapleton  - 5 Stars


Cato has had me in tears - both with Cato's emotions and with Luna's story.  It is an absolutely superb book that I really can't recommend highly enough. 

For the Love of Books (Archaeolibrarian) - Reviewer Merissa - 5 Stars




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“Ms. Prater has weaved a magical world with memorable characters and meaningful dilemmas and I’d like to thank her for being so spectacularly creative....Book one caught my attention, book two had me hooked and asking for more, book three caused my addiction, and book four fed my habit. Now I’m left sitting here hoping for more, like a junkie strung out on alien men...Ms. Prater has once again surpassed my expectations.”

Long and Short Reviews-  Reviewer Verbena  - 5 Stars


Theres nothing I dont like about this awesome series and can’t wait for book 5. I’m hanging by my nails waiting for the next in the series it just keeps getting better. 5 impatient fangs.

Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock - Reviewer MindyG  - 5 Stars


A few hot yummie scenes, but I'd say the story line kept the book interesting and wanting to read. The important lesson... the past is called the past for a reason, careful you dont use it to muck up your future. Enjoy

Rom Fan Reviews - Reviewer Daria  - 5 Stars


Lucien is sinfully sweet with smokin' hot scenes.  Definitely the best Sci-Fi series I've read in a long time!  And to answer the question at the end of the Synopsis - I definitely want one of these males!!!  Love them.

For The Love Of Books (Archeolibrarian)-  Reviewer Merissa  - 5 Stars


Wow what can I say, what an absolutely awesome book, awesome characters and stunning story, had me laughing and crying at times, Love all the books in this series but out of the four this has got to be my favourite, can't wait for the next one in the series to come out, highly recommend this series!!!!!!!!! 

My Earnest Reviews-  Reader shazmay  - 5 Stars


If you’ve not read any in the series, then you’re missing out because this is a fun sci-fi, PNR, otherworldly – whatever you wanna call it good time.

Red Hot Books-  Reviewer Shelly - 4.5 Stars


The sex was steamy, the story engrossing, and the wooing at the end very romantic. I'm really enjoying this series and look forward to more

Night Owl Reviews-  Reviewer Chris - 4 Stars




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Every time there is a new one of these, it becomes my favourite. And that is never a bad thing, believe me! I'm sorely tempted to go back and reread these books, and I am NOT a rereader, so for me to say that, you know these are good ones for the keeping.

I Dig Good Books (Archaeolibrarian) -  Reviewer Debbie  - 5 Stars


This series just keeps on getting better and better and I LOVE IT!!! Highly recommended for all fans of Celeste Prater, the Fueled by Lust series and/or erotic Sci-Fi!  Absolutely fantastic! 

I Dig Good Books (Archaeolibrarian) -  Reviewer Merissa  - 5 Stars


OMG!! Finally I got book 5 that I’ve been waiting impatiently for. And let me tell you the wait was definitely worth it. Gotta love a book with uber hot alien/humans who look like Gods.

Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock -  Reviewer Mindyg123  - 5 Stars


WOW what can I say, yet another amazing book in this awesome series, great to see Caelius and Kallon get their mates and to see the amazing story evolve, can't wait for number 6 in this series to come out to see which warriors story is next, keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!! 

My Earnest Reviews -  Reader Shazmay  - 5 Stars


I love this whole series, I'm always anxious to grab the next one. I just enjoy Ms. Praters talent in writing stories. Her ability to write a character that will hang around in your mind, is just awesome. 

We Love Kink -  Reviewer Daria  - 4.5 Stars


Well, Ms. Prater has done it again. She managed to steal my heart with yet another of her hunky alien men...Ms. Prater has woven another wonderful story of love, triumph, and romance. Book five in her Fueled by Lust line, Caelius’ story most certainly lives up to the precedence set before. As Ms. Prater adds each installment, I find myself totally engrossed in the Insedi world...If you believe love conquers all, then you’ll be equally enthralled by yet another of Ms. Prater’s masterful fantasies.

Long and Short Reviews -  Reviewer Verbena  - 4.5 Stars


I’ve enjoyed this series since the first book and it just keeps getting better. The author is skilled in painting the landscape of the alien planet the men hail from in my mind, and her ability to get me invested in her characters consistent...Keep the stories coming, especially if we get more updates on previous couples and how they are doing.

Night Owl Reviews-  Reviewer Chris - 4.5 Stars





Click image for full review

This is a fast-paced book (or maybe it was the speed that I was reading as I simply could not put it down!) with an incredible storyline that involves spoilt, little rich men, psychic abilities, and even the gods. There is never a dull moment and with plenty of laughter along the way. This book has it all for me - action, adventure, hot alpha male, smart and feisty female, sex that scorches the pages. The only trouble I have is leaving the Insedi behind. I feel the need to re-read every one of these books again and I don't say that about every book I read!

I Dig Good Books (Archaeolibrarian) - Reviewer Merissa  - 5 Stars


I’m at a loss at this point. With each new installment of Ms. Prater’s Fueled by Lust series, I’m finding it more and more difficult to put the right words on paper to adequately do her work justice. Once again, Ms. Prater’s writing sucked me right in from page one. In truth, there have only been a few series that I’ve read over the years that touched me so deeply that I actually felt depressed because they weren’t real and even more so when they ended. Ms. Prater’s characters have certainly reached that status with me. If only…she definitely provides material that revs up my fantasies.


I love how Ms. Prater skillfully weaves in new characters with the old and makes everything blend so seamlessly. It feels like I’m watching a TV series and each new book is like a new episode. I don’t know how many she has in her, but I’m praying like crazy that it’s a lot. I will truly be saddened when this series finally ends. I am likely only one of Ms. Prater’s adoring fans and I think I can speak for all of us when I say, please don’t let it end! *smile*

Long and Short Reviews- Reviewer Verbena  - 5 Stars


I’ve loved this series right from the start, the primal alphas and the sassy females. Celeste will always be a go to author of mine...There is not one negative I could say about Maxims story... passionate, sheet scorching sex, magic and the will of destiny will wrap you up in a story that will hold you to the end. Thank you Ms. Prater for a awesome ride. I recommend this … so enjoy it.

Daria's Views on Books -  Reviewer Daria  - 5 Stars


Just finished Fueled by Lust: Maxim, God what a totally awesome book, an amazing story and characters can't wait for next!!!  I must admit it totally surpassed my expectations, I couldn't put it down till I finished it, it was that good!!!!!

My Earnest Reviews -  Reader Shazmay  - 5 Stars


“There’s lots of hot sex, action and a fast pace in this book. I absolutely love this series and can’t wait for the next book.  Definitely not a book for under 18.  5 adoring drool worthy fangs.” 

Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock-  Reviewer Marinda  - 5 Stars


OH I LOVE these books, I really do!...Prater's ability to write such engaging stories with reference to and participation of previous books and characters in the series never ceases to amaze me. And the little dribs of Insedi history, both on earth and on thier home planet keeps me hungering for more!

I Dig Good Books (Archaeolibrarian) - Reviewer Debbie  - 4.5 Stars



Click image for full review

Okay, so this is the seventh book in the series and if you've seen my reviews for the other six books, you will now that by now I am a MAJOR fan of Celeste's and love this series. I don't even know where to start with this review. Makar and Baruchis funny (hilarious in places), heart-warming, heart-breaking, sassy, raw, poignant. You will need some tissues because, for me at least, there was crying involved and not the nice, pretty kind either! Another candle on top of the Fueled By Lust cake! 

I Dig Good Books (Archaeolibrarian) - Reviewer Merissa  - 5 Stars


What a amazing writer, I have loved each and every book in this series. This one book 7, just reaffirms why I think Celeste is such a talented writers. Though such a large series each book has a end, not quiet stand alone because the characters in previous books will make an appearance. 

We Love Kink (and Goodreads) -  Reviewer Daria  - 5 Stars


Wow this series just keeps getting better & better, I loved this story and it had me in tears at times as well, it was great to see past characters in the story as well and catch up with them, this is an awesome series and I've loved every book and even read them more than once, can't wait to see whose story is next, keep up the brilliantly awesome work Celeste!!!!!!!!!

My Earnest Reviews -  Reader Shazmay  - 5 Stars


There’s action, adventure and some damn hot hot panty melting sex. I love this series and anxiously wait for each new book in the series. 5 scorching fangs.

Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock-  Reviewer Marinda  - 5 Stars


The Insedi saga continues and I so enjoy the author’s attention to detail. Each story is its own, but they are all entwined. This story focuses on the trio with side trips into politics and how the Insedi are changing the more humans they bring to their world. There is also a wedding and all the romance that entails. The ending wasn’t what I expected at all, but I liked how Keely’s men took care of the specter that has haunted her for so long. I’m always waiting for the next book in the series.

Night Owl Reviews-  Reviewer Chris  - 4.5 Stars (Top Pick)


Thank you Ms. Prater for another masterfully penned story with not one but two wonderful Insedi men. I’ve quit trying to pick a favorite; I don’t think it’s possible. The characters of the Fueled by Lust series will surely color my dreams and fantasies for many years to come. If you dream of Alpha males with tender hearts, realistic females with a flaws to flaunt, and other worlds a heck of a lot more interesting than ours, then be sure to check out the Fueled by Lust series by Celeste Prater. I haven’t read a single one yet that hasn’t garnered my full attention and captivated my heart.

Long and Short Reviews-  Reviewer Verbena - 4.5 Stars (Book of the Month)



Click image for full review

Wow! I was amazed by Celeste Prater’s erotic romantic suspense Leo, which is the first book in the Three Divisions series. Alpha male, Leo is stunning in his role. Readers will be amazed and want him too. Remember, a Dominatrix (Dom) doesn't like demands, or prepare for punishment. Read how Leo punishes and rewards Jillian. Readers should be prepared for a spicy read with drama, suspense, action, and danger. This may be a long read, but it was worth it. Spicy!

Night Owl Reviews - Reviewer DebA  - 5 Stars


What can you say about an author that has been one of your favorites for sometime now. There as never been a book of hers that I’ve not liked. Mostly she as stuck to the Sci-fi alien theme, which as so worked for her. Now this ~Three Dimensions~ a contempory/BDSM themed story a new adventure for Celeste, that I think she nailed. If you don’t have hands on experience in the lifestyle, write it like you do (smiles). 

We Love Kink (and Goodreads) -  Reviewer Daria  - 5 Stars


MY GOD what can I say about this 1st book in Celeste's new series, it's absolutely brilliant, the characters had great depth to them, the story was awesome, she really outdid herself with this book, if I had to give it marks out of ten I would give it 20/10 lol, I will never see butterflies in the same light ????. I can't wait to read the next in this great series, keep up the fantastic work Celeste you continue to amaze me with each book you write!!!!!!!

My Earnest Reviews -  Reader Shazmay  - 5 Stars


Another great read. Love the way the story unfolded, not every was thrown at you at once. Things were kept from the reader until it was time for you to know. Enjoy the Lust series and am looking forward to more stories in this series too.

Goodreads -  Reader Theresa  - 5 Stars




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