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MAKAR AND BARUCH receive 5 LOVE TAPS review from WE LOVE KINK book reviews.

::: REVIEW :::

What an amazing writer, I have loved each and every book in this series. This one, book 7, just reaffirms why I think Celeste is such a talented writer. Though such a large series, each book has an end, not quite a standalone because the characters from previous books will make an appearance.

The storyline makes a few points about life in general. A struggle to make things right, about hiding and just accepting, looking beyond the scars of pain, trusting even when you’re not sure. All of this is the reason I gave this 5 stars. But the most important for me I guess is the patience the men showed her.

There are Aliens among us, (smiles) and Dr Keeley is close to not only finding that out but proving it as well. Makar and Baruch are on a much needed semi vacay from their Emperor, when they are lucky enough to stumble upon a woman. Said woman? None other than Dr Keeley.

You will get to run around with the tri-couple as they get into some pretty sticky situations. Flying into and being downed, to finding history, to seeing why the Emperor is just who he is. Keeley will get to see other women from Earth not only co-existing but seem pretty damn happy in their existing. Some serious bumping and grinding and face fanning going on also.

Wonderful and I am so glad that I had a chance to read it. Consider it recommended! Enjoy…

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