• Celeste Prater

"A CASUAL GLANCE" - Now available on Amazon!

Released February 9, 2020

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Teasingly warned that she was languishing inside a dull existence, Harlow Phillips deviated just once from her calm environment. Had she known what madness would greet her just an hour into ignoring instincts screaming to “get gone and go home,” would she have taken a different path? Stayed on the couch? Ignored the cab honking at the curb? Had placing herself inside a horrifying situation turn out to be the only road to happiness? How is that even possible? Why would the universe be that simultaneously cruel and beautiful?

Not one for accepting silly bets, Jagger Cayce ignored the internal warning and stepped out of his comfort zone to prove a point. Mired inside the four walls of a world that wasn’t his cup of tea, he held strong and finished the thirty-minute mess of being stared at with opened-mouthed wonder. But the night wasn’t fully done with him quite yet. The real action waited for him under the stars and would beckon him toward a goal he was willing to sacrifice everything to achieve.

Was a simple, casual glance proof of the cosmos aligning the stars or just a happy accident? Who knows? Hop into Jagger and Harlow’s fast-paced adventure and learn why it might be extremely important to pay attention when finding yourself drawn to that stranger amongst many.

Was it an accident, or a stumble over fate?

**A Casual Glance - Sizzling rating




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